Make your own personalized pioneer 1 plaque

Pioneer 1 Plaque

Voyager 1 plaque

It’s great to work in a maker space but it is even better to work in a town with several maker/hack spaces and have friends all over the places. So ideas and tools can be combined and result in great and sometimes fantastic “artifacts“. Why artifacts you may ask? Well that’s how the crew from c-base calls things they build. The reason is very simple. The c-base is an old space station crashed on earth several thousand years ago and Berlin was build on top of it. You may have mistaken their antenna with the Berlin radio tower. And so they don’t invent stuff, they excavate “artifacts”.

Laser encraving

Laser encraving

Ihmis-suski from c-base had the great idea to build a customized Pioneer 1 plaque with c-base symbols and the wave print from CCC-Pausenmusik. So last week she and Henri visited the motionlab at our community BBQ and we laser engraved the c-base version of this historic plaque. It really turned out to be beautiful, specially with LEDs around it.

LED and IoT

LED and IoT

Back in the c-base they thermo formed the frame for it, painted it and now there is a new nice and shiny “artifact” at c-base, ready to impress visitors (aka aliens). Oh yes and like always, everything gets better with LEDs and even more better with a Micro controller to MQTT it. 🙂

Go and check it out!


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